Marriage Moxie!SM

Learn skills for a lifetime of love

Take this 2-hour class as a gift to yourself – or give it to a loved one for a great wedding present!

“Moxie!” – Do you have it? It’s courage, pluck, perseverance...
That’s what it takes to get married and stay married – preferably, happily! Most of us get more training for a job, a sport, or a hobby than we learn skills to sustain a loving relationship.

Even when two people love each other; share similar values, goals, interests, and lifestyles; have great “chemistry”; and believe they have chosen their future lifetime partner well -- weathering even a few years together can take its toll. Current divorce statistics are that 50-60% of marriages will fail. The odds for second marriages are even worse. What goes wrong?

With statistics like these, even mustering the courage to consider marrying can be difficult! For those of us who grew up learning to “trade in and up” -- be it a cell-phone, car, or job -- perseverance is increasingly elusive and less valued than in older generations who were expected to tough it out. It seems easier to pursue that mythical perfect mate, instead of steadfastly loving that not-so-perfect person on your path.

…and learning effective relationship skills!
Perseverance is essential for any marriage – but it isn’t enough. Repeatedly playing the same sour notes isn’t making music. We can persevere by trying to love in familiar, but ineffective and destructive ways. Marriage shouldn’t be an endurance test for tolerating misery!

In order for love to remain joyful, alive (and sexy) it demands a determination to learn and practice consistently loving, skillful relationship attitudes and behaviors. That’s a challenge -- and one of the reasons why marriage is a truly spiritual journey. Moxie is that willingness to reach deep within yourself to recover your “better” self in the face of extreme frustration – letting go of your pride, ego, and pushing to surpass your “primitive” brain! How can you learn to do it?

In recent years, psychologists and other researchers have wanted to know: “What makes for a long and happy marriage?” How do couples who are highly satisfied with their partners achieve that wonderful kind of contentment, while so many other couples end up distressed and angrily divorcing? All of these couples start off loving, with high hopes for an enduring future together. What happens? What do happily married couples do differently from those that derail? There’s a wealth of knowledge out there. From research done to date, it turns out there are definitely differences!

Marriage Moxie!SM is a quick class in which psychologist Beverly Brooks, Ph.D. introduces you to the best thinking, current research, and resources on relationships. Learn skills to help you create a loving, lasting marriage!

  • Blissfully in love and planning to get married soon;
  • Engaged, but uncertain and having second thoughts;
  • Single but dating and envisioning marriage for your future;
  • Taking a “time-out" from dating because your last relationship dissolved, leaving you disappointed and despairing;
  • Married, but tired of feeling stagnant or stymied –

Marriage Moxie! meets for two-hours. Groups are 6-20 people in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where it’s easy to ask questions. Please note: This course is NOT premarital counseling, couples’ therapy, or group therapy. However, Dr. Brooks is available to provide personal counseling services upon request for individuals or couples who would like to pursue more intensive, in depth work.

Affordable – and a lot cheaper than a divorce! $50.00 per person for the two-hour class

Dates and Times:
Marriage Moxie! is offered weekly, usually on Thursday evening, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Other course dates, alternative times, and further special interest topics can be scheduled upon request. Call for details

Dr. Brooks' office at:
660 Village Trace NE, Bldg 18, Paper Mill Village Office Park
Marietta GA 30067
Dr. Brooks will bring this class to your location for groups of 20 people or more.

Hope to see you there -- MARRIAGE MOXIE!SM

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